Why Youtube Is Such A Great Video Platform

YoutubeYouTube is literally one of the best (if not the best) video platforms on the market. The reason is because it is backed by Google, one of the stronger players in the technology space. Because it is backed by Google, you are going to find a ton of different applications made specifically for your mobile devices and you are going to have direct integration with a lot of their services. In this article, we will be going over some of the different things that make YouTube so great.

Things That Make YouTube So Great:

1. Accessibility.

The number one thing that makes YouTube so great is the fact that it is so incredibly accessible. Because there are a ton of YouTube applications available for literally every ecosystem out there, you are going to always have one that is able to be used on your platform of choice. This means that it is incredibly accessible and it is something that makes YouTube stand out beyond the other video platforms.

2. Features.

Another huge reason on why YouTube is such a great platform is because it comes with a whole range of unique features that you can use in order to really experience the best possible experience possible with it. For one thing, they have come out with a new subscription model that will allow you to have unlimited access to Google Play music and also it will allow you to have an access to watch YouTube videos without having to watch the commercials. This is great for anyone that is looking to experience YouTube without having to waste time watching ads. Also, YouTube has the ability to playback some of the best resolutions which can really help push the pixel density and allow you to experience true high definition.

3. Content Creators.

YouTube is really only as good as its content creators. Because YouTube has so many different and unique content creators, it is literally the best place to go if you want to watch some fun and exciting things. You can literally find any type of content that you could possibly want by looking at YouTube’s listings.

4. Search.

Lastly, the search function on YouTube is unparalleled. You are not likely to be able to find another platform that offers such a good and accurate search function. This is probably one of the best features of it.

The Importance of Cloud Based Back Up

CloudManaging data is one of the challenges that businesses and organizations face. Yet the size of data being created each year continues to grow at unprecedented rates. Data is the company’s most valuable asset thus, there is need to protect it, back it up and store it securely in the cloud. This article looks at the importance of cloud based back up.

Enhances Internal Efficiency

Cloud computing allows organizations to maintain control over their data. Besides, technology allows data to be compressed and encrypted before it can transferred. When this is done, it saves on the space and cost since it eliminates hardware, software and maintenance costs. The fact that such data can be managed centrally means that challenges associated with managing branch offices are solved.

Enhances Security

This is the biggest advantage of cloud backup technology such as that supplied by this IT support provider in Reading Berkshire. It means that data loss which has in the past few decades crippled firms is eliminated. Unfortunately, not all companies that provide cloud based back up services can guarantee this. Because of this, it is necessary that you choose a backup vendor that assures you of the following security measures:
• Encryption
• Configurable
• Digital signatures
• Password management

The vendor should have a proactive and adaptive technology to guard against security breaches.

Leverage the Deduplication Technology

Cloud backup ensures that inefficiencies and waste is eliminated. Luckily, most of the backup providers have deduplication as one of their features. The feature allows data to be backed up just once.

Process Validation

Because data is an important asset to any organization, the cloud based backup solution must ensure that there is good control and monitoring. The backup should have a precise validation and reporting mechanism. If possible, there should be a mechanism that can help to monitor the backup and certification in case of data destruction. Luckily, most providers provide a method that allows companies to monitor data back up as often as they want.

Ease of Scalability

Since data storage is growing rapidly, scalability is an important concern to all businesses. Cloud back up allows firms to consolidate and manage data thus eliminating the need for software, hardware and reduces maintenance cost. This increases efficiency and gives businesses an opportunity to manage data throughout its lifecycle. Most providers offer online and near line storage platforms that enhances scalability and at the same time ensure that the archived data is efficiently stored.

Quick data recovery

Getting access to backed data anywhere anytime is critical. Cloud back up companies avail a wide range of options for data recovery. They have a state of art infrastructure that ensures quick restoration of data. Ideally, data restoration process is normally fast and is done at a high speed. The systems are able to restore data that have been corrupted or destroyed by natural disasters.

Lastly, web based data backup has made it easier for organizations to deliver and comply with regulations and requirement. For instance, when a set of data or information is required, it can be produced immediately. This reduces the risks the company may be exposed to.

The Power of Social Media

YoutubeNot only does social media effect all areas of our lives but it is also an amazing marketing platform. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have millions of users. This is useful if you want to communicate with all your fans or followers but as a marketer you can tap into the collected audiences and put your marketing message in front of very targeted people all day long.

A channel like Youtube with millions of viewers per day gives you similar reach to TV advertising at a fraction of the cost. You can target down to the local area of your business to make your marketing incredibly effective.

Facebook can connect more people than any other social network as it has the most users – somewhere around 1.3 billion people! Twitter has a large audience also and Google Plus is still growing by the day. If you want to connect with a business audience and more high end professionals then LinkedIn is the place to go. And there are picture sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram that are incredibly powerful also.

If you need to find your audience online then you can definitely use social media to find them. Once you’ve found them on one or more of the platforms mentioned above you are able engage with them and win their trust through interaction on the social platform whether it be very informal like Facebook or much more formal like on LInkedIn.

A number of these platforms also have very targeted advertising platforms built into their sites so you are able to get your message in front of your ideal prospects all day long. At the moment the ability to reach these people is very affordable because clicks are still cheap. Although they are getting more expensive as the platforms mature. It is now beginning to become too expensive for many small businesses to advertise on LinkedIn as many of the large brands have moved into the space with much larger budgets. A number of specialists social media marketing agencies have sprung up to meet the demands of this development and will continue to grow in the future.

Social networks are a very powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal. They will continue to mature and improve so get familiar with one or two of them today as they may become out of the reach of many businesses in the future.


Why You Need a Mobile Responsive Website

If your website isn’t mobilized, you’re losing out on sales potential. Many people in today’s modern technological era are using their mobile devices to access business locations and information while they are on the go.

mobileAccording to research, 57 percent of all mobile users will skip any site that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. As many as 30 percent of users will even abandon a transaction if the shopping cart takes too long and isn’t mobilized.

Your website is your gateway to business. You need to recognize the potential it has for customers on the go. Many customers are so busy that they are taking advantage of down time in lines, at red lights and on bus rides to order products that they want or require.

According to Kreatif Design a mobile web designer in Reading around 70% of local businesses don’t have mobile optimised websites.

For you, this means potentially huge sales. People don’t always have time when they get home to log on and order and to streamline their time budgets they rely upon their mobile devices to order products.

By simply optimizing your website for mobile users, you can increase your sales exponentially. Customers are seeking sites that load quickly and offer directions. They want shopping carts that make transactions easy and quick. They want their information kept safe but they want to do business with you.

Give them what they want. Optimize your site to accept mobile users. To load pages quickly and efficiently. To streamline the shopping cart experience and to help them find their destination if they are looking for your brick and mortar shop.

By taking advantage of Google’s new algorithms you’re going to have more customers than ever and you’ll find that many of these customers found you on their mobile devices. If you want to step into the modern technological world of today, you can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

The Power of Online Marketing

As more and more businesses are setting up websites they are discovering the power of online marketing. Perhaps a newer trend in marketing measures, online marketing is taking the world by storm and with good reason, more and more people are using technology today than ever before.

These people are in every walk of life and to get their information they are turning to the Internet. For businesses, this means that they have an even greater opportunity of being found.

Internet marketing can save companies thousands of dollars in advertising costs. Business owners can spend that money elsewhere in building up their business and focus more on quality. By designing user friendly websites that are also mobile friendly, they can capitalize upon the benefits of being able to spend their advertising dollars where they count.

Many people underestimate the power of social media and the benefits it can give to any online marketing strategy. Online marketing power isn’t just about the advertising on the company website, it’s also about about spreading the word via social media.

The more a company can get their name out there, the more visitors they are likely to have. By implementing keywords and quality information they are able to corner the market in nearly every niche business.

Many potential customers are so busy that they don’t have time to shop in brick and mortar stores. To spend their money wisely, they are turning to the web.

Using their down time while waiting in traffic, riding the bus or even standing in line elsewhere, they are often perusing a website on their mobile device. Your marketing comes into play here by spreading the word about your great products. Take advantage of modern technology for your business and get your business seen by using online marketing to spread the word.